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11 Jun 2015

Dear Friends

A delegation of the Association led by Col Inderjit Singh Chairman met the RM on 09 Jun in his office. Brig Bhagwan Singh, Col Satish Dewa, Col Ashok Chauhan, Capt Chattar Singh, Capt Balwan Singh, Lt Nar Singh Dass, SM Nahar Singh and Hav Rameshwar Singh were members of the delegation.

Col Inderjit Singh told him that we all admire the  PM for his assurances given to Veterans during his ' Man Ki Baat ' programme, that he would definitely fulfil his promise regarding OROP. He further said that the issue was very complex one and they were trying to find a definition which was acceptable to all. These other aspects we however did not agree with him.

Simplest to Implement

We told the RM that,

'This is the simplest scheme to implement. It's implementation would cut down the work load of successive CPC by 25 to 50 %. Further there is only one stakeholder. That is us the Veterans. The other can be the leadership who have accepted to give it. Bureaucrats who have vowed to let it happen on their dead bodies can't by any chance be called stakeholders.' 


The other thing of concern to us that he said was that they were trying to find a definition acceptable to all. There is only one definition which is complete. This definition was simplified by Koshyari Committee in their wisdom so that even a layman could understand it. This though simple, covered the essential aspects of the full version. We therefore did not question it.

Expedite Notification

We requested that in view of the explanation given he should expedite implementation of OROP. He told us that he was trying very hard to see that it was implemented soon. In his view it may take up to two months. He would try to do it a few weeks earlier. We appreciated his commitment to fulfill the promise made by Mr Modi as early as possible.  

Indefinite Fast Deferred
We had appealed to the Leadership in Aug 2014 to issue the Notification by Dec 2014 failing which we shall make sacrifices. In view of the assurances received from MoD we first postponed it to 31 Mar 2015  and then to 30 Jun 2015. We have decided to give another two months until 09 Aug in view of the assurances by the RM on 09 Jun in our meeting with him.

Other matters discussed and letters given to him are being posted on our blog at These can be accessed after 13 Jun 15.

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