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All India Ex services Welfare Association organized a Sainik get together to establish a tailoring Center at Village Khatiwas Distt Jhajhar. It is the first of the ten such Centers donated by Smt Kuldip Inderjit Singh.  For this function Smt Ashaji Hooda Vice President, Haryana Child Development Council, was the Chief Guest. A large number of Veterans from all over India participated in the function.


On arrival Smt Ashaji Hooda, Mrs Vimmi Satydev and other VIPs were received by Smt Kuldip Inderjit Singh and other members of the Association led by Col Inderjit Singh the Chairman. The program started with Smt Asha ji Hooda inaugurating the AIEWA Tailoring Center at Khatiwas Village. She then proceeded to the Samaadhi of Sub Jitender where she paid floral tributes.


Main Function

The gathering then moved to the School area where the main function started. Smt Ashaji was welcomed by the School children through a welcome song beautifully sung by them. The patriotic and welcome song was followed by two minutes silence in memory of our members who were no more.

After that the main program started with Smt Kudip Inderjit Singh honoring Smt Asha ji Hooda and then  Smt Vimmi Satydev.

Why This Tailoring Center

Capt Chattar Singh gave out that we wish to achieve two aims through these Centers. one to provide the widows and families of soldiers means to generate income for themselves, two to train the children of the area in tailoring so that they can look after themselves in their future lives. Later on we have plans to add a counseling wing as well.

Stalwarts Honored

The Association has grown to what it is today through the hard work and dedication of our dedicated workers. On every such occasion we honour our such stalwarts. The following were honored by Smt Asha ji Hooda:-
a) Capt Samay Singh Manesar
b) Sub Umed Singh Khatiwas
c) Sep Umed Singh Khatiwas
d) Sub Balwan Singh Jhajhar
e)  Ris Fateh Singh Badhani
f) Smt Raj Balla w/o late Hav Om Parkash Dighal

The oldest officer of vil Khatiwas Maj HS Yadav was also honored.

Vil Khatiwas Problems

Col MK Yadav narrated the problems of the Village and then presented the Memorandum to Smt Asha Ji Hooda. He requested that land be given where the Tailoring Center could be established. Instructors for teaching  tailoring and computor trainings be provided. Other problems pertained to High way running through the village, Phirni  of the village should have concrete top,canal water for village ponds and employment for meter reading.

Martyr Honored

Sub Jitender Singh died on 10 August 2010 in Jammu and Kashmir Sector fighting the terrorists . His widow Smt  Mukesh Devi was honored by Smt Ashaji Hooda. She then moved to the families of veterans and gave financial assistance to all present on behalf of the Association.

Chairman Spoke

He stated that on 22 Jan 2012 we had submitted some problems to the Hon'ble Chief Minister Saheb.Some work has started and we are sure these will soon be resolved. but on most of the critical ones nothing seems to be happening.These need to be attended to expeditiously. The following points need to be looked into:-
a) The terms and conditions of the ex servicemen need to be  revised.
b) Automatic annual revision for all Govt grants for exservicemen.
c) Repair, maintenance and reconstruction of Sainik Rest Houses
d) Defense Colonies in each District.
e) Meter reading contracts for our Cooperative Society for Dakshin Haryana.
f) Land for setting up a War Memorial School in Sohna area. The DC Gurgaon has initiated this matter which needs to be expedited..

He also explained that the Tailloring Center has been  set up with dual purpose of providing means for creating extra income by the families of soldiers and giving training in tailoring to children of the area.

Mrs Asha ji Hooda Spoke.

Smt Ashaji stated that it is because of the strict vigil and sacrifices that the soldiers make for defending our country that we are able to breathe freely. She admired the great initiative that the  Association has taken to set up ten Tailoring Centers in villages. The unique idea will certainly help in improving the economic health of women in the area she felt. She congratulated the Association for this good work and hoped that the Association will  take up many more initiatives.

She then assured that all points submitted by the Association will be given the desired attention and resolved. She also stated that every body wants Govt jobs, which are becoming scarce every day. They must understand that every body can not get the govt employment. they should there fore work hard to get better results in education so that they can get even better jobs in private sector.

She then went on to state that soon enough India will have the largest strength of youth in the world. This was our biggest strength which can drive us to become the greatest power in the world very soon if we give them the right advice and channel their energies in the right directions.

She once again thanked the Association for this wonderful initiative.

The function ended with Capt Chattar Singh thanking every body.

SM Nahar Singh

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Press Release


Dear Colonel Inderjit

Heartiest congratulations on setting up this venture, which would help our Veer Narl's as well as our ex-servicemen and their wards.
Warm regards.

Vijay Oberoi
(Lt Gen Vijay Oberoi)


My Dear Colonel,

Wasnt aware of UR work. UR making a real difference in other peoples lives. Great. Proud of U. Thats what our Gurus stood for. It is extraordinary. U will change the face of rural India. To me U seem to be some one who listens for & delivers that what makes a difference in peoples life.Our edu sys is elite oriented. It is  in shambles.
May God bless U with indomitable courage & long life.
(Brig PJ Singh)

Well done,Inderjit.Keep it up.Our congrats to Kuldip ji as well.
(Brig DS Jaggi)

Mr Inderjit Singh,
Please take me off this circulation list since I'm not interested in your self serving updates, which is just a waste of time.
RS Gill
3:27:30 PM
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Very praiseworthy indeed!
Brig RS Rawat

congrats Inder.A very worthy move
Kind Regards
(Comdre John  Carneiro)


CONGRATULATIONS for successful organisation of event. Participation of our PBORs is truly commendable.
Col. Raj Singla

Dear Inder,
Thanks for the photo coverage. I enjoyed viewing it.
(Lt Gen Ajai Singh)
Former Governor Assam

Gen Jaini

Excellent and admirable effort, our heartiest congrats to you smt inderjit singh.

(Col VK Kapoor)


Respected  Col Inderjit Sir,

    It is indeed a great job  your team has achieved under your able leadership. You are a source of Inspiration to all of us , as at your   age ,still you are working for the welfare of ESM community and going strong for the cause of ESM,doing it without any reward/recognisition  since last 30 Years. May other organisations also search there souls to do something on the ground for betterment of ESM, instead of asking collecting donations for every function thay want to organise and raising  banks balances for vested interests. Well Done Sir,Keep going may God be with you

Col RS Boparai
Sanjha Morcha


Dear Sir,
     A stupendous effort put in by you and your organisation. Your diehard spirit even at this age is worth emulating by many of us, who sincerely have the welfare of the needy Veterans and their families in their hearts and minds. A great show indeed. I was singularly honoured when you had a cup of tea at my residence during your last visit to the Tricity.
     Pray to God for your good health and happiness.
Warm regards
Brig SS Jaswal, Veteran Madras Sapper,

Kuldeep ji &Inderjit, 
Good job done. 

( Lt Col Basant Hariasra)

Dear Inderjit, heartiest congratulations.


Very good I appreciate your commendable job, Regards to kuldipji,
Dr capt virendra modi


Dear Sir,

Excellent work. Thanks for the coverage.
I shall include it in the Grinder Mag.
With Warm Regards,

X S Pillai
Grenadiers Center, Jabalpur


Dear Smt Kuldipji & Inderjit,
Extremely happy to hear the social work undertaken under your guidance, age notwithstanding.
Particular to note your enthusiasm & social attitude to do  something for the humankind community
at large. As it is you have left your footprint in the times of sand by navigating for & on behalf of we the 
Exservicemen about which we all are aware & admire.
Wishing you continuance & God Bless.

Wg Cdr Suresh D. Karnik
Smt  Shaila Suresh Karnik


Dear Col,

Great job,congratulations.Grateful for the efforts for the veterans.
(Brig Teji Pantal)


Dear Sir,
A very commendable job . The project will enhance the financial position of Rural women.Besides, You are pursuing the problems of the Ex Servicemen. Wish you all the best.
Maj Gen Samay Ram


CONGRATULATIONS. Most commendable step.

Please consider opening I.T.  (COMPUTER) centres, too.


RS Rajput

Veteran, UK


Dear Sir,

A very good effort, indeed deserves all praise.
This is the way to propagate the true spirit of ' sewa ' amongst the deserving ex-servicemen & their families group. Pl guide others too who have similar desire to help the needy.
God bless you .
Gp Capt J K Kaushik


Dear Col Inderjit Singh,
Great job done. Congtaulations and pl continue.
Lt Gen SK Bahri


Dear Virji,
Really commendable! How awesome to have the chance and volition to make positive
changes in the lives of others. May your legacy be carried on for generations by your family.
Thank you for sharing this with me.
My love to all of you,


Appreciations for this yeoman effort. Truely commendable
(Shreekumar Menon)


Dear Sir,
My compliments.
Col Kulbir



delegation led by Lt Col Inderjit Singh, Chairman and comprising Brig 
Bhagwan Singh Secy Gen and Air Cmdre Sushil Soni met the RM on 02 Feb at
his residence.

After the exchange of pleasantries we presented 
him an invitation to come to Satara near Pune, for the third part of 
our 30th Anniversary Celebrations in which the second of the ten 
TAILORING CENTERs will be inaugurated. He expressed his inability to 
attend but wished us all success.

To start with we thanked him 
for all that he did for us in the recent 
months and requested him to take up our problems, especially OROP, even 
more strongly so 
that these are resolved expeditiously. He assured that he would get us 
to our final goal, but it will have to be done gradually so that we do 
not raise others hackles. The letters about our problems were presented 
to him one by one for consideration and his necessary action. All these 
letters follow after the end of this preliminary note.

Meeting was free and frank in which we put up all our points with all 
the force at our Command. He listened to our submissions very patiently 
even when some serious fault was pointed out and after listening gave us
his opinion. 

Talking about CSD takeover, he stated that URCs 
are with Services and not with MoD: It meant that control 
of central office of CSD at Mumbai had been taken over by MoD resulting
in management shifting to MoD from Army HQ, but user end
sales are with Services, why should there be any problems. When we 
pointed out that due to complicated procedures and consequent inordinate
delay the goods are not getting to the URC on time, he promised to look
into the matter.

When we brought to his notice the mischief of 
the bureaucrats in issuing the notification against the spirit of the 
Judgement the Rank Pay case he seemed very disturbed. After explaining 
we appealed to him that the notification be withdrawn and fresh desired 
notification be issued. He promised to look into it.

We spoke 
about the ECHS and apprised him about two groups that have emerged after
ten years of ECHS operations. One which is fully satisfied. Such people
are in miniscule minority but are influential veterans. The other group
is totally dis-satisfied with ECHS. This comprises 90 % of veterans. To
satisfy both the groups we have to think differently. The answer is 
that without disturbing the present set up we give a try to the Medicare
Policy scheme in areas where we are setting up new 199 polyclinics. 
Once we get a feed back then we can take a final call on what schemme 
was suitable. He listened to all this and assured that he would look 
into it.

When we submitted the matter about 33 years 
conditionality removal ha stated that they were removing this problem 
gradually. We then stated that was nothing but daylight robbery and must 
be removed without delay, he said that he would look into it.

We submitted that all Notifications issued by the MOD are flawed. While 
giving us something, the notifications invariably deprive us of 
something even better. This is corroborated by the fact that there are 
5,000.00 petitions in the AFT. Of these there are 3500 cases which are 
being appealed by the MOD against the Judgements given in our favor. The
tragedy was that the MOD which should have been taking up our causes to
make our life better was opposing and appealing against our interest in
all those cases.

Then we narrated him the case in which our Secy
ESM Deptt in his desperation to scuttle another initiative for OROP 
stated that Veterans were demanding annual increments in pensions, which
was making it difficult for them to concede this demand. We also told 
him that if the MOD which should be taking up our issue and getting 
these through was strongly opposing the same, how could we get anything 
from the Govt.

We then told him that unless the basic 
shortcomings in the functioning and structure of ESM Deptt are addressed
no amount of effort by him to put matters right are likely to work. The
bureaucracy will continue to mislead the leadership with their blatant 
lies to ensure rejection of our submissions. 

The points regarding renewal of licenses and reduction of age limits for allotment of security contracts was also taken up.

Before we parted he
promised to have these matters re examined and get back. He also 
advised that we should brief the RRM as well so that he knows that we 
are facing these problems.

Warm regards

Lt Col Inderjit Singh