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Dear Friends

The following letter has been sent to the PM on 29 Aug 2015. 


Lt Col Inderjit Singh


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29 Aug 2015

Respected Narendra Modi Bhai Saheb

       We appreciate your gesture in directing your Principal Secretary to open up dialogue with us and find a way to end our agitation. Please be aware that we are not here to embarrass you. How can we even think of doing that to a person for whom we worked day and night to bring him to power? We are at Jantar Mantar because we are anguished with the way we have been treated Narendra Bhai Saheb.

Police Action

2.  With what the Bureaucrats have done to make you believe that OROP is unimplementable we did not expect you to announce its implementation on Independence Day. We did however expect you to say a word or two of sympathy for what Police did to evict us from Jantar Mantar on 14 August. Even that little gesture was not shown. Your advisors would be able to reduce you to this state where you would become completely insensitive to the feelings of the Veterans is the last thing we expected from you.

Implementability of OROP

3.         Now talking about difficulties in implementing OROP. Has any of your advisors told
you that OROP has been implemented twice in the past? Yes it was sanctioned and then implemented without any difficulty, These instances are narrated in the succeeding paragraphs.

4.          High Level Empowered Committee(HLEC) 1990. The HLEC was appointed
to improve the pensions of pre 1986 pensions of Veterans. Though they were mandated to only improve the pensions of Veterans, seeing the sensitivity of the matter the Committee was seriously inclined to give OROP.

5.          This Committee however settled for One Time Increase (OTI) which was slightly less than OROP. A formula was worked out by which a Veteran got Rs 10.00 less from OROP for 15 year service. For each additional years service he got additional Rs 02.00 less. This meant a Veteran would get from Rs 10.00 to Rs 44.00 less than what he would get as OROP for service of 15 to 32 years. This was worked and disbursed in short time to the satisfaction of Veterans. The implementation for OROP does not involve any complicated calculations it is therefore much more simpler.

6.           Group Of Ministers 2005. Based on the recommendations of the Defence  Parliamentary Standing Committee headed by Mr Madan Lal Khurana, a Group of Ministers
(GOM) was appointed to examine OROP demand in 2005. This GOM was headed by Mr Pranab Mukherji in his capacity as Defence Minister.(Now President of India) It gave full parity on 25 Jan 2006 with Fifth CPC rates which in other words is OROP. This was also implemented with ease and swiftly to our entire satisfaction.

Civilians Will Demand

7.         This problem of civilians demanding came up in both the above cases. They were
told by the leadership that Armed Forces are being given OROP because of their special conditions of service and compensation for early retirement at the age of 35 to 40 years, therefore it could not be given to them. They as true Patriots accepted this and backed out.

Legal Recourse by Civilians

8.         An argument that Civilians will go to the Court and get this for themselves. If they
get it the financial effect will be disastrous for the economy. The fact is that civilians know that they can not get it from any court unless they accept to adopt the terms and conditions of Service of Armed Forces.They are therefore doing every thing within their means to deny us OROP.

Money Not Available

9.         We are told that no money to give OROP. After what has been spared for various schemes, we do not accept that there is no money to give OROP. We are aware that there is about Rs 40,000.00 crores lying uncommitted in the Budget. In addition got a bonanza of Rs 70,000.00 crores by increasing VAT by 2%. With the prices of crude oil falling another boost is round the corner. With all this if there is money for OROP, it is sad for the Nation,

Chiefs Appeal

10.       Perturbed by the happenings of the past few day, four retired Chiefs have made an
earnest appeal to The President, our Commander in Chief, to intervene. Another ten Chiefs have directly appealed to you to award OROP as soon as possible as this was seriously affecting officer man relationship.

11.        We also appeal to you to grant OROP soon so that the lives of three Veterans
sitting on indefinite fast can be saved. Many more are ready to replace them if they fall. The Draft Govt Letter ( DGL) had been prepared and given to the MOD by the Service
Headquarters. The MOD has prepared the case based on this DGL. It can be issued without any delay. If any more work is required this can also be done by us to expedite matters
12.       What Veterans are seeking has been promised by you and approved by two Parliaments. If after all that they are denied this it will be the darkest day of our Nation.

13,        We have put across our submissions to give you a true picture about some of the
misleading statements which the bureaucrats normally make to scare the leadershiƩ into
toeing their line for denying OROP. They may have given some more. If these could be given to us we can put across the truth about those also and help you to fulfil your promise.

             With warmest regards and best wishes
Yours Sincerely

Lt Col Inderjit Singh

Lt Gen Balbir Singh Yadav                                                                 Maj  Gen Satbir Singh
Advisor                                                                                         Advisor
UFESM                                                                                        UFESM

Friday, 26 June 2015


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(We Were THIRTY YEARS YOUNG On 21 Nov 2011)

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Dear Friend

Pained by the total unconcern on the part of Govt about our demand of OROP I wrote a letter to the Hon'ble Prime Minister on 24 Jun.

Forwarded for your information.

With warm regards

Lt Col Inderjit Singh 


Web site : 
Blog : aiewa.blogspot.in
(We Were THIRTY YEARS YOUNG On 21 Nov 2011)

M 35 Palika Bhawan, 
 RK Puram, Sector 13,
New Delhi 110066.
Ph :011 26110710
Fax :011 241O6144

24 Jun 2015

Dear Narendra Bhai Saheb

I am writing this to apprise you of the sticky situation you have been landed in by the bureaucrats. This is the kind of situation they landed your predecessors too. The earlier leaders were perhaps not powerful enough to over rule them but you playing into their hands it is beyond comprehension. I hope you would take appropriate action to save the situation before it is too late. We your well wishers will earnestly hope you will.

People Who Care

The leadership of the people, who care for their Nation, get on house tops and declare that the country men who perform the most difficult tasks for the Nation will be given the best tangible and non tangible benefits by the Govt. The Armed Forces are doing the most difficult tasks for the Nation so they will get the best. Then go about doing it with pride. The tiniest Nation Singapore and the mightiest Nation USA follow this doctrine. Singapore's greatest leader Mr Lee Kuan Yew, for his funeral you went to Singapore a short while ago,  had spelt out this doctrine first time.

Our Country

What happens in our Country? When a National calamity, man made or Natural one, overtakes us, every body squeezes the last drop of blood of the Armed Forces to overcome it. When however the job is done we hang them to the nearest pole till they are dead. 

OROP Promised

When you addressed the first rally of Veterans in Sep 2013 in your march to Prime Minister ship, we believed you when you said you will not only sanction our 33 years old demand of OROP but also take appropriate measures to restore the respect of the Armed Forces. We thought the Messiah had arrived (so have our 'ACHHE DIN') who would change the mind set of our Nation and more so of the Bureaucrats. Your assurances and actions on assuming the charge further reassured to an extent that we took no cognisance of the discordant utterings of even the Finance Minister and Defence Minister. Your statement at Siachen Glacier on Diwali left no doubt in our minds about your sincerity. We felt that you can not let go a grand opportunity  to fulfil your promise.    

Man Ki Baat

Then came your 'Man ki Baat' in which you stated how complicated this matter was and you were trying to find a definition which was acceptable to all. If you are going to depend upon bureaucrats to find you the solution to this problem, you will fail as six of your predecessors before you. They have already complicated the matter to such an extent that any body would  tend to believe them as even you have. 

Simplest Concept For Implementation

The OROP is the simplest concept to implement.I should know better being its author. Having put it up to the PM first time ever on 22 Feb 1982 and then seen it through the committees/ commissions over the last 33 years. Getting a very strong recommendation every time for its grant, which was however rejected by bureaucrats ultimately. This time the pattern is no different.  Their plan is to delay it till  the Seventh CPC is ready to take it over. Then come to you for handing it over to CPC as they have not been able to come to conclusion despite so much effort. How perfect a reason for you to give consent ! It will be handed over to CPC for final burial of this concept. Making it easier for you to say sorry.

Way Out

The way to do it is not by tucking the file away and continue to talk about problems through media. It is to sit down with us and solve the problems that come in the way of its implementation one by one and issue instructions for its implementation soon after in a time bound manner. I propose a Committee headed by RM/RMM and comprising three members of ours and three members from those who have raised objections. We will find an acceptable solution to all your complexities. Can you rise up to the challenge and take this up?

Todays soldier is tomorrows Veteran. Majority of these soldiers are our children. They are watching the  treatment being meted out to their elders. Sooner than later this discontent is likely to permeate over to the  Armed Forces. If it happens it will be disastrous for the Nation. Sooner this Movement is ended to the satisfaction of the Veteran the better. My services are at your disposal.

The entire community of Veterans which is out on roads will be looking up to you for your positive response. If you have time I would love to meet you as i met, Atalji on 26 Jul 2001 and convey the Veterans regards. 

Finally it would be of interest to you to know that the Standing Committee of Ex servicemen Welfare that you sanctioned in response to my letter of Jul 2014 has not been constituted despite over six month.

With warm regards and best wishes

Yours sincerely

RTI of Lt Col Inderjit Singh
The Hon'ble 
Sh Narendra Modi
The Prime Minister of India 
New Delhi

Saturday, 13 June 2015


We are indeed grateful to you for making it possible for us to get OROP finally. We shall ever remain grateful. Now that the OROP has been conceded let us put our shoulders together to tackle those issues that are responsible for our present state.

2. Our  problem is not lack of good will of the leadership, it is the inimical elements.  Imagine the MOD which is there to look after our interests to ensure for us the best, is the one which is opposing every thing that is good for us.  The problem of lack of our communication with the  leadership is what is needed to be addressed if you want to achieve anything on permanent basis.

3. This can not happen by off and on issuing orders to this effect.  This can only  happen by placing instruments on ground.  The instruments that need to be established for ensuring regular institutionalised inter action are given below :- 
  • Standing Committee of Voluntary Associations (SCOVA).
  • Department of Ex-servicemen Welfare.
  • Representation of Armed Forces at the MOD.
  • The Armed Forces Tribunal.
  • The Ex-servicemen Resettlement Commission.
  • Separate Pay Commission

4. I had written to the Prime Minister about these issues on 01 Jul 2014.  He has very kindly taken a very serious note of my request and conceded SCOVA and designated it as Standing Committee on Welfare of Ex servicemen. Ex-servicemen Commission he had accepted through his Manifesto.

Accepted Issues.

5.  Of these accepted issues, while to work out the charter for Commission, consultations are going on at various levels,  there is no news about Standing Committee for Welfare of Ex servicemen. The bureaucrats have been stonewalling this for the last 25 years. They are not going to concede it easily unless you kindly keep track of it. In 1991 I got it going in the MOD. They finding it too hot for their liking, quickly wound it up. 

Please get these two accepted Instruments appointed so that these can start operating.

Separate Pay Commission

6.  Soon after Fifth CPC, I realised that we can not get our rightful due unless we have our Separate Pay Commission. I pursued it relentlessly ever since. In 2013 it was conceded. It took 15 Years of my struggle to get it,  but the Chiefs in their wisdom rejected it.  You may consider granting this once again..

Department  of Ex-servicemen Welfare

7. This Department was set up by the leadership in their wisdom to ensure that  the problems of veterans could be taken care of with greater authority and effect. Unfortunately rather than use their additional authority to solve our problems the bureaucrats running the Department are instead misusing their powers to create even more difficult problems.

8. What is required is the restructuring of this Department with the staff being a mix of serving and retired soldiers of the Armed Force. This would to a great extent help in solving rather than creating problems for Veterans, which is happening now.

Representation of Armed Forces at the MOD

9. I am sure you are aware that the Armed Force are the only uniformed Service which has no representation at the decision making level in the controlling Ministry. Why? Are the Armed Forces untrustworthy or are they incompetent to handle their own affairs? It is neither. It is the fear of a coup that the bureaucracy has been creating in the minds of the leadership regularly that has resulted in total trust deficit. This kind of an attitude rather than prevent it,  is a sure shot recipe for disaster.

10. This situation must be quickly reversed by placing Armed Forces officers at various decision making levels in the MOD. This will automatically ensure consultation and participation of the Armed Forces in all matters pertaining to them as per Prime Minister’s noble desire.

The Armed Forces Tribunal

11. The Veterans had been subjected to all along with problems emerging out of flawed orders or their wrong implementation.  Some Veterans who refuse to accept the injustice go to the Courts for reprieve. That is when their troubles begin.  If they get favourable decision from one Court the Govt drags them to the next higher Court.  This process goes on till they are dead. When the orders come neither they are there nor are their problems.                                                                                                                                                                    
12. The Leadership realising these difficulties decided to set up an Armed Forces Tribunal so that they could get a quick redressal  of their grievances through judicial intervention if they could not get reprieve elsewhere.

13. Ever since the AFT was appointed in 2009 around ten thousand cases have been filed by serving soldiers and Veterans.  Majority of these cases have been decided in favour of these suffering Armed Forces Personnel and Veterans.  Almost in all those cases the MOD through Deptt of ESW have gone in for Appeal in higher Courts.  The Armed forces agony has been prolonged by creating another level of judicial intervention rather than reducing it.

14. This has  happened because the AFT has been placed under MOD and has been made toothless. The matter needs to be attended to by placing them under Ministry of Law and giving them all the powers of a High Court. Finally MOD be directed to treat all orders of the AFT as final unless there is serious  violation of the Constitutional provisions.

15. The number of cases filed should be a matter of serious alarm for the leadership. The inimical elements to prejudice the minds of the leadership will project this phenomenon as a  revolt against the Govt by the Veterans. In actual fact it is indicative of their malafide intentions for denying us our rightful dues at such an enormous scale. To tell you in simple words the actual situation? Almost every notification of any consequence, issued by the MOD is flawed and which denies us our rightful dues or takes away already granted facilities.
The Ex-servicemen Resettlement Commission

16. We are delighted that this all important instrument for Veterans welfare has already been announced by the President in his address to the Joint Session of the Parliament.  This was first recommended by the High Level Committee headed by RRM, of which I was a Special Invitee, way back in 1984.  The bureaucracy has been stalling it all this time.

17. What is required now is to keep a close watch on terms and conditions that are being worked out. The Babus should not be allowed to turn this also a toothless wonder like AFT.


18. The respected Prime Minister was kind to express his desire to see that all decision pertaining to Armed Forces are taken in consultation with them. This can not be achieved by passing orders now and then. This can only be achieved by placing instruments in place.
19. I hope you will take effective steps to ensure that this happens soon enough. The whole Veterans fraternity will be highly obliged and remain ever so grateful to you and the respected Prime Minister.




 1.         Over the last 33 years that we have been working for the cause of ex-servicemen, we have never found the leadership wanting in sympathy and support.  Every laudable initiative of theirs was however scuttled by the Bureaucrats. To achieve their nefarious designs they spread misinformation, if that did not work then they resorted to spreading disinformation.  If that also failed then suppression of  information was resorted to.  If all that failed then of course blatant lies were resorted to scuttle our demand.  Some of the Objections they have been relying upon are given in succeeding paragraphs  together with what the truth is, to give you an idea and also to help you to dismiss these if they are projected again.



 2. One Rank One Pension was considered but not recommended by Fourth and Fifth Central Pay Commission.

The Truth

3. Fourth Pay Commission.  We never sought One Rank One Pension from the Fourth Pay Commission.  Any recommendation that they may have given must have been based on misrepresentation of facts by Bureaucrats.

4. Fifth Pay Commission. The Fifth Pay Commission accepted the Concept. In its implementation the Bureaucracy watered it down by bringing old pensioners to the minimum pension of the current rank and applied it for civilians too.

5. Ever since we had been representing for granting us the full parity with the current ranks.  In 1997 the Govt accepted this but unfortunately before implementation it fell. It was found to be legitimate demand by the UPA Govt. and full parity with Fifth CPC rates sanctioned on 25 Jan 2006. This in other words was OROP with Fifth CPC Rates.


6. A High Level Empowered Committee chaired by the then Defence Minister Sh. Sharad Pawar also recommended One Time Increase and not total parity.

The Truth

7. The Chairman of the Association happened to be on this Committee.  This Committee was convened to only improve the pensions of pre 1986 pensioners and not consider ONE RANK ONE PENSION. 

8. Despite this limitation it was inclined to give it but for the drastic economic situation of the Nation when we had to export all our Gold to UK to run the affairs of the Nation.  The Committee took a considered and conscious view to not to mention anything about One Rank One Pension to enable its future consideration.


9. In the case of Indian Ex-services League and others wherein the petitioners had contended that all retirees who held the same rank and irrespective of their date of retirement must get the same amount of pension.  This contention was rejected by the Constitution Bench of the Hon’ble Supreme Court.

 The Truth

10. This point is put up to the benign but ignorant leadership every time to scuttle OROP despite the bureaucracy knowing fully well that it is not correct.  They seem to believe in the  adage that if you continue to repeat a lie people will ultimately start believing it as truth.

11. In the Nakra case the Hon’ble Supreme Court ordered that the Liberalized Pension Formula sanctioned by the Govt should be applied to all irrespective of the date of retirement.

12. The Indian Ex-services League they talk about is the actual cause of all our problems.  Some ill informed and over zealous members of that organisation filed a suit for CONTEMPT OF COURT proceedings against the govt for not granting OROP to ex servicemen under those orders.  The Court then proceeded to examine if the OROP comes under the purview of those orders.

13. A word about these two things.  Liberalised Pension Formula meant giving 50% of last pay drawn to all irrespective of date of retirement.  That means whatever salary one was getting at the time of retirement he gets 50% of that salary as pension.  Since at different points of time men were getting different rates of salary they could get 50% of what they were getting and not the same rate of pension as others.  Whereas OROP means that same rank personnel got the same pension irrespective of date of retirement.  How could they get same pension for the same rank under this order?

14. The Court very rightly concluded that OROP does not fall under the ambit of Nakara case. The Govt. have therefore not violated their orders. The case was therefore dismissed.  The Govt. in actual practice had given more than the Liberalized Formula could give by bringing all the sepoys to Rs 150.00 PM pension and this included those who were drawing a pension of Rs 4 and Rs 17 at the time of retirement.


15. “The implementation of the concept itself would be gigantic task for about 21 Lakh  pensioners with addition of about 55000 number every year involving manual matching of the past and present rates of pension by about 35000 pension disbursement agencies comprising of Public Sector Bank’s branches, Defence Pension Disbursement Officers, Treasuries, Pay and Account Offices and Post Offices.  Such an exercise would be involved with each and every increase/revision of pensionary benefits”.

 The Truth

16. This statement is a blatant lie. In fact if OROP is sanctioned, the entire effort of various bodies would be totally cut down. It is a gigantic task no doubt, but it will have to be done initially for past pensioners only.  55000 numbers retiring every year will not be requiring up-gradation as they would in any case be with the latest pensions.

17. Revisions are not given every year. Whenever it happens it is normally as a result of any Pay Commission. When that happens it will have to be done for all including the past pensioners.  So what is so frightening.

18. In fact with this Concept the entire process will be simplified. After the initial revision future revisions will be possible by a click of a button on a computer.


19. In view of this judgement, concept of One Rank One Pension can not be confined to a class/category of pensioners. Once accepted for ex-servicemen, the civilians may raise similar demands and if not accepted may move court of law on the above analogy as well as the principle of law of equity”.

The Truth

20. This is the biggest canard that is projected to frighten the leadership into reneging from their promises made by them from time to time.

21. The judgement on Nakra Case says that liberalized Pension rule will be applied to all irrespective of date of retirement. The Liberalised Pension rule says 50% of the last pay should be given as pension. It does not say that any specific benefits given to a particular category should be given to all categories/classes.

22. Further, the Hon’ble Supreme Court has ruled that Armed Forces are different Group from civilians with entirely different Service Conditions. The Hon’ble Supreme Court step in when there is  discrimination within a group and not between two totally different groups with totally different Service conditions. Rules applied to them can not therefore be claimed by the civilians unless they are prepared to take their Service conditions too. Since they will never accept their Service  Condition, Law of Equity cannot be applied in their case.
23. Any attempt by civilians for claiming One Rank One Pension through Courts is therefore doomed for failure. The bureaucrats know this full well and that is why they are creating problems for soldiers.

24. The Govt. had given ONE TIME INCREASE in 1991 and full parity with Fifth CPC rates, in other words OROP, in 2006.  The civilians did demand but when told very categorically by the Govt that that was only for Armed Forces for their sacrifices for the Nation, they withdrew as patriotic citizens of the Nation. The threat of civilian demand is therefore nothing but a lie.



25. The Inter Ministerial Committee has noted that acceptance of One Rank One Pension may be legally difficult.

The Truth

26. There is no legal difficulty about implementation of ‘One Rank One Pension’ concept.  What is required is attitudinal change of the Bureaucracy and if it does not happen then strong directions to them.  What we mean is obvious from succeeding paragraphs.

27. The ex-servicemen had sought from the Hon’ble Supreme Court the grant of Dearness Relief on Pensions to re-employed ex-servicemen. This demand was rejected by the Hon’ble Court.

28. This matter was taken up with the Fifth Central Pay Commission by us. We presented the problem in its true perspective and got the right recommendation from them for the Govt despite court orders.  The Cabinet approved the recommendation. When it was passed to Bureaucracy for issuing Notification, they decided to have the matter reviewed and rejected.

29. Our intervention by taking up the matters with the leadership stopped their mischief and we got the problem solved through them.

30. If that could be done what is the problem now.  All that is required is the direction by the leadership for its implementation and it will be done.

31. Finally if there is any legal lacuna, the law can be amended to remove that infirmity. We have over 700 Hon'ble Members of both the Houses of Parliament supporting this cause.


32. Huge expenditure will be required to meet this demand. The situation will further become unaffordable as the Govt will not be able to resist the demand for civilians too.

The Truth

33. The Bureaucrats bloat these figures by adding expenditure on account of additional DA, Gratuity, commuted value of additional pension and arrears on account of back payment.  If the figures are still not frightening enough then they add on the expenditure on account of civilians also demanding. WE DO NOT WANT ARREARS. WE WANT THIS MATTER SETTLED FOR  FUTURE.  GIVE US FROM THE DATE THE GOVT PUTS ITS SEAL ON THE MATTER.

34. This is nothing new. A number of matters sanctioned on the basis of the Recommendation of Fifth CPC were allowed from date of signatures and not retrospectively. The Bureaucrats know it and despite that they make this misleading statement to have the matter rejected.

35. About gratuity and additional value of commuted value of pension, there is no problem we have not sought it as this is not covered by our definition of OROP.

36. The problem of civilians demanding has already been explained. It is a total fallacy.  Our civilians are most patriotic and understand the sacrifices being made by soldiers day in and day out.


37. Acceptance of the concept of One Rank One Pension is bound to give rise to similar demand being raised by the civilian pensioners numbering more than 40 lakhs

The Truth

38. This canard we keep hearing every time. This is the final trump card for scuttling the OROP.

39. Now the argument that the civilians will also demand OROP and if not granted they would go to the court to claim it. This is the argument that they advance finally to scuttle the efforts of the leadership.  We have been interacting with major civilian unions.  All of them have always been ready to support us for this cause and that too without demanding for themselves.  Then when in 1991 we were given OTI the civilians also demanded it but when told this was for the Armed Forces only they as true patriots did not insist.  Similar thing happened when in 2006 the Govt granted parity with fifth CPC to us.

40. In case some people inspired by the bureaucracy do go to the court for redressal they will certainly be welcome.  The Court will also be ready to give them but then the Courts will also tell them that the Armed Forces have been given these special privileges for their peculiar and difficult service conditions. They would then go on to tell them that they were willing to concede OROP to them if they were prepared to accept their service conditions also. Who among any of the applicants would be prepared to shed their position and accept these conditions. None. We say this because we have had an opportunity to settle this matter during the proceedings of the HLEC in 1991.

41. There was an argument and the civilian big wigs wanted for themselves also what was being worked out for us. When nothing was resolving the issue it was proposed that one chance each be given to the entire civil and Armed Forces personnel to change their service to the other if they so desired. Once that was given we said we bet our lives that 100% Armed Forces personnel would like to switch over and not one of the civilians would opt for the Armed Forces. There was a total furor  but none to take up the challenge. They were not small fries, they were Secretaries of all the Ministries.

42. Finally since when have the bureaucrats started to know about the feelings and pulse of the people more than the leadership. Every Committee of the leadership have recommended strongly  that OROP be granted.  The Defense Committee went to the extent of demanding that if there was no precedence then it should now be set to repay the deep debt of gratitude of the grateful Nation to the Armed Forces for their sacrifices.  Further over 700 Hon’ble Members of Parliament are committed through their party Manifestos for giving the OROP to the Armed Forces.  Do we presume that they have been foolish in promising OROP to Armed forces.
43. We suppose they don’t care for these minions for they are not only bigger then them but also the Nation.



44. One of the point to scuttle, they stated was that there are no precedents for granting OROP. 

The Truth

45. We do not have to go far to find these. These are being followed right here in India. The Members of Parliament are getting it. So are the Judges of Supreme Court and High Courts. In our Govt itself the Secretary level officers and Chiefs and Army Commander level officers are getting it.

46. If you are looking for precedents outside India then US Armed Forces are being given by the entire country and with tremendous pride. They however call it 100% neutralization of pay and pensions for cost of living for AF. This is not allowed to the civilians. Besides that there are some more things that are done for the Veterans as given in Chapter 2 which should be an eye opener for every body.


Edge to AFs During British Regime

47. During British regime the AFs were paid more so that they could help them maintain their rule here.
48. Truth. This is a totally misleading statement.  The British paid better to their AFs then and continue to do it even now for they understood the value of the soldiers sacrifices for the Nation unlike our bureaucracy.

 Annual Increments on Pension

49. The veterans are demanding annual increments on pensions as per serving soldiers
50. The Truth. This is another lie that has been invented by the bureaucracy to somehow put off the leadership from conceding this demand of ours. At no point of time in the last thirty years have we demanded annual increments on pensions. I state very categorically and with all the force I can command being the author of this rightful demand, that we do not want any annual increment on pensions. The accepted definition has been suitably amended to clarify this aspect.

51. We will be thankful if we get what has been stated in the definition given earlier and repeated here for ready reference.

I quote--

          The last highlighted sentence has been added to the accepted definition after it was brought out as a major hurdle for the Govt hesitating to grant of OROP,  for the first time ever in the last thirty years of our submission of  this problem to the Gov't in 1982 by a very responsible official. In simple words it means full parity with the latest rates of pension for past pensioners. Once granted there are increments till another revision by a Central Pay Commission or a Committee.'

52. During the Britiish regime the Armed Forces had  definite edge over their civilians counterparts which they could not swallow  A word about this edge before we move further. This was not because they wanted to keep them happy so they could rule India through force, but they did that as a matter of their policy to give the best to their own Armed Forces who did the most onerous duties for the Nation. They did it then and do it even now. This was a tool that was exploited by bureaucracy for getting  the Armed Forces branded as tools of British and anti Nationals. What a travesty of ground reality.This ultimate trick, they almost succeeded with, when they spread the canard of troops movement during the recent fiasco about the Army Chief.

53. Soon after we got our Independence they set about this matter right. By their actions and deeds they systematically reduced the Armed Forces to the state of beggars for receiving whatever doles were dished out to them by their masters. Whatever was given was far too less than what the cuvilians got. Some of their actions that bring about teir Vendetta to fix the Armed Forces are narrated in succeeding paragraphs.

Death Cum Retirement Gratuity (DCRG)

54. Soon after Independence the bureaucrats sanctioned for the civilians the grant of DCRG.  While doing so they forgot that there is another arm of Indian Nation which is even more deserving than they and who also need to get it.  But no, how could they dare to be equal to their masters that is Bureaucracy and not the leadership. I have had a top Bureaucrat  bragging that they are the Govt and it is they who decide matters. It took two years more for it to be sanctioned for the Armed Forces.

Removal of 33 Years Conditionality.

55. The rule for pension was that you got fifty percent of the last pay drawn as pension. This is fine.  But on this a condition had been added that you get full fifty percent if you served for 33 years.  If you serve less, then you lose pension proportional to the number of years less service. This rule was fine for civilians as they could serve that long and even more. This rule was fine for civilians as they could serve that long and even more. This rule was arbitrarily applied to the Armed Forces also despite knowing that the Service conditions do not permit them to serve that long. With this the pensions that accrued to them became woefully low. To make these look a little respectable they gave a sop of 5 years service weightage for pensions. As a result of this rule a jawan was losing almost one third of his pension instead of fifty percent for no fault of his.  Higher ranks lost a little less.

56. This DAY LIGHT ROBBERY on the Armed Forces pensions was discovered by us soon after the Fifth CPC. We started pursuing it with the Govt. Every time the answer given was that this is a cardinal principle with regard to pension and therefore can not be waived for the Armed Forces. The reply of the MOD is in Appendix B.
57. In this Sixth CPC they removed this rule for civilians without allowing it to the Armed Forces. When a huge hue and cry was raised they allowed it to the serving soldiers only.  Further representation resulted in it being allowed to the veterans too. They were however given prospectively and not from 01 Jan 2006 as was allowed to civilians.

58. The Cardinal Principle that was coming in the way of doing justice to the Armed Forces by stopping this DAY LIGHT ROBBERY, was blown away when they applied it for themselves and that too when they could serve for 33 years.

Disability Pension Rules

59.  We were successful to have these totally unfair rules changed through the Fifth CPC.  What was given and more was very faithfully applied to civilians.  But the Armed Forces were denied all that and continued to be denied till after the Sixth CPC. The vindictiveness of the Bureaucrats is reflected in the points given below :-

(a)    The Armed Forces (AF) were given three fixed rates of disability pension (DP) where as civilians sanctioned for themselves 30% of their salary as DP.

(b)   While for civilians the orders to their paying authorities were to give it to them without reference to any body, the veterans had to be put through a Medical Board for determining their disability before giving them the latest rates.  These Boards in most cases determined their disability less than 20% and stopped their pensions.  Others were at most allowed 20% minimum DP.

(c)    For civilians there was no restriction for getting minimum 50% disability pension across the board, but for the AF veterans the restriction of 20% so kindly waived by the Fifth CPC was retained.  Now no civilian retiree is getting less than 50% DP, whereas 90% of veterans are still getting 20%. When I questioned the logic I was told that we have been given less because we are far too many disabled.

60. I have narrated a few.  Every single order issued for AF and veterans is so worded that it denies them their dues rather than give them.


61. It would be noticed from the kind of frivolous objections raised by them to justify the rejection of OROP, the extent to what can be done by the bureaucracy to have rejected this legitimate demand of ours. It should be obvious to the leadership if they are serious and sincere about fulfilling their commitment to those who staked their all for the Nation, that they will have to take the matters into their own hands.The time has come when the approach has to change.  Rather than the leadership asking the Bureaucracy.

they need to be asking 

After getting the answer from them direct them to implement it without any hitch or hindrance.  There is no other way to solve this problem.