Monday, 23 September 2013

Unity Efforts

Over the past 32 years I have been watching how Soldiers on retirement start dreaming about becoming a politician and reaching high. For this they are prepared to stoop to any level. There is nothing objectionable about having political ambitions. Their exploitation of veterans to achieve there political designs is not acceptable.

The IESM was nothing but replay of the same episode. It had to go sooner or later  the way their predecessors did.. They took little longer because innocent but spirited veterans reposed faith in them for achieving what was their rightful due.and gave them unstinted financial and physical support. What they have done in return is simple and straightforward betrayal of their trust.

After seeing what they did first time they ventured out to claim leadership, I had warned you all about their political ambitions, but you did not pay any heed to what I said and went in blindly and gave them unstinted support.You can not say I did not do my duty by you.

They claim that they were successful in putting pressure on the Govt from all sides by highlighting our problems. If you asked me about this I would say that by their tamashas they have put the OROP clock back to 1982 when I first raised it. How much pressure the Govt was put under by their activities can be gauged by the fact that no person of any consequence from the Govt or any leader came and asked them " How are you and can we do any thing to mitigate your difficulties."

Now coming to the present appeal of yours to put the  HUMPTY DUMPTY back on the wall because there is no one to look after their interests. It is amazing how ungrateful the veterans can be. They quietly ignore the presence of AIEWA. An organization which has carried the cross of veterans for the past 32 years and have transformed the Govt thinking on veterans affairs.

But for the mess created by IESM we would have got the OROP also in Feb 2009, having got it twice before in the 32 years.

Rather than run after all these people you should all come and join the AIEWA and strengthen it for achieving the desired goals. It has name, respect, necessary clout with any Gov't and perseverance to get the authorities to work on the right lines. It has room for every body to achieve what they want with a Multi State Cooperative Society. War Memorial Trust and Sainik Bank to meet the aspirations of the veterans.The only requirements for getting membership is that they have to give an undertaking that they will work for the welfare of Veterans and not their politics in the affairs of the Association. We have no problem if some body has political affiliations, but the bottom line is no politics in the Association.

A few more things are coming up which would afford even greater opportunity for all. 
We welcome all our friends to come and meet us to get first hand information as to what we stand for. Before you come have a peep into our web site
Lt Col. (Retd) Inderjit Singh

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