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23 Dec 2014 
Shri Manohar Parrikar
Hon’ble Raksha Mantri

104, South Block
New Delhi -110011


Dear Hon’ble Raksha Mantriji,

IESM is grateful to you for granting us time on 09 Dec 2014 to discuss One Rank One Pension (OROP) with one of the stake holders, in spite of your busy schedule when Parliament is in session.

You patiently heard our point of view on this issue which has been agitating Armed Forces Veterans since 1982. You showed your sincerity to view this issue from different angles which unfortunately landed in your lap. The definition of OROP has been succinctly brought out by the written answer given in hon’ble parliament by Shri Rao Inderjit Singh, Raksha Rajya Mantri on 02 Dec 2014. We felt now that there is no doubt in definition of OROP even in Central Government. So we felt your meeting is only to chalk out a road map for implementation of OROP.

Since the definition is very simple to understand in that pre – 2014 pensioner of same rank with same length of service will get same pension as if he retired on 31 Mar 2014 and his pension is hiked on 01 Jul 2015, we were happy that Government letter for implementation may not take much time to be issued. We even offered services of knowledgeable Armed Forces veterans to help out CGDA in making tables for various ranks indicating pensions rank wise and length of service wise and arrive at arrears w.e.f. 01 Apr 2014. Your reply to query posed by Col Vinay Thapar in The Headlines Today conclave that 100% satisfaction is not possible in real life has caused much consternation in the minds of veterans. We are getting anxious calls from veterans not only from India but also from those settled abroad on meaning of 80 to 95% of OROP.

Sir, the Govt of India is already violating hon’ble Supreme Court judgment delivered in Maj Gen SPS Vains Vs Union of India where the apex court has made unambiguous judgment that senior ranked veteran cannot get pension less than a his junior. Today a Maj Gen retired in 2005 gets lesser pension than a Brigadier retired in Nov 2014.

The OROP stands sanctioned by the Govt. It has to be implemented 100 percent as per the approved definition and the executive orders issued by the Govt. Also there has been an assurance by the PM, RM on a number of occasions that actual OROP will be implemented. Any dilution to the approved definition will not be OROP.

May we, therefore request you to accept the DGL prepared by the Service HQs without any dilution and issue instructions for the implementation of OROP as assured by you within 30 days ie by 09 Jan 2015. Sir, there is extreme pressure from the Ex Servicemen to start a countrywide agitation to get Justice. They are getting restless since 10 months have passed when OROP was sanctioned on 17 Feb 2014, but its implementation has not been done till date. We had held in- abeyance our planned agitation from 03 to 16 Dec 2014 after getting positive feedback that the Govt is likely to implement OROP soon.

Sir, We have not understood why CGDA cannot consult Armed Forces Veterans on OROP like Ministry of Pensions, Personnel and Public Grievance does whenever any letter is issued affecting pensioners does. It appears, sir, you as Rakshma Mantri is very clear on OROP but it is the IDAS Officers in Min of Def who are found to be stumbling block trying to find out difficulties in arriving at Govt letter on implementation where there are no difficulties at all.

Your discussion with Dr Subrahmanyam Swamy of BJP on 21 Dec 2014 where in you are reported to have said implementation after taking concerns of Ex-Servicemen is likely to be effected by budget session in Feb 2015 has left us wondering as to where is the delay now? If funds are the problem as you expressed to IESL delegation which met you on 10 Dec 2014, IESM has suggested mode of payment of arrears to widows first, PBOR second and Officers last.

May we request you to expedite issue of Govt Notification for the implementation of OROP as per the approved definition and as per the DGL prepared by the Service HQs.

With regards

Maj Gen Satbir Singh, SM (Retd)
Chairman IESM
Mob: +919312404269, 0124-4110570
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