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Our Association members from Vill Kheri Khumar, Distt Jhajhar, Haryana
 decided to work to improve the Quality of Life of the Veterans and Civil Population of the Village. For carrying out this work they registered a Society by the name of KHERI KHUMAR EX SERVICEMEN GRAMIN VIKAS AND WELFARE SAMITI. They held a very big function in the village for its inauguration on 27 July 2014. Lt Col Inderjit Singh, Chairman of the ALL INDIA EX SERVICES WELFARE ASSOCIATION was invited as the Chief Guest. A large number of people from the village and area around had gathered to witness the inauguration of this noble cause.

The Procession

The members organized six outriders on their motor bikes to lead the Chairman's car to the venue of the Function from his Rest House where he was staying.

Reception and Tree Planting
On reaching the Venue the Chairman was received by the president SM Krishan Kumar, the President, Capt Jai Bhagwan Singh, the Vice President Hav Satbir Singh and a large number of members with bouquets and garlands. Before going on to the stage, the Chairman was requested to plant a tree which he did.

Remembering Martyrs
Before starting the actual proceedings two minutes silence was observed in the memory of those who sacrificed their lives for the Nation


School children sang a few songs for welcoming the Chairman as well as songs to inspire the gathering with the valorous deeds of the martyrs. Soon after the Chairman and his Party was honoured with a Turban. There after a widow of Swatantra Sainani and a war wounded soldier were honoured and some money was given to them by the Chairman. The children who sang the songs were also given some presents by Lt Col Indejit Singh.

Sh Prabhu Dayal Spoke

He briefed the audience about the aims and ideals of the Society. These included undertaking the developmental work for the Village, fighting corruption and work for ex servicemen welfare. He also sought the blessing, guidance and support of the Chairman in their efforts at all times.

Maj Hoshiar Singh
He welcomed the Chairman and sought his guidance and support in this new venture.

Lt Col Inderjit Singh
He thanked SM Krishan Kumar and all the members of his team for inviting him and giving him the honor to inaugurate their Society. While assuring them of his whole-hearted support he also informed them of the pitfalls for any such venture. He advised them to work for the goodwill and support of all sections of the Society with their good conduct and discipline which is part of their very being. Before closing his speech he announced Rs 5000.00 as grant from the Association.

The function ended with SM Krishan Kumar thanking the Chairman and all the guests for spending their valuable time to make the function a grand success. He also requested everybody to have lunch before going away.


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