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Dear Friends

1.     It is some time that we have had a meeting. The reasons were manifold. Firstly the matters regarding our pensions were in a very critical stage. With the Elections coming in, every party in their desperate bids to win Veterans over making all sorts of promises. First Mr Modi at Rewari promised One Rank One Pension and then on 17 Feb, Congress in Parliament the grant of OROP. With this we got into action to see the Govt orders came out before the Elections. Our efforts towards this end were frustrated and we could not get the orders issued before Elections.

2.     The new Govt was formed and things started moving ahead. The Services prepared their proposals and presented the same to the Raksha Mantri on 12 Jun. The bureaucrats in their efforts to deny OROP to us brought in many problems which were not acceptable to the Armed Forces. The matter ended there. Some ESM met the RM who told them very clearly that we should cut down our demands. This means the Govt is not wanting to give what they promised. The matter stands there. We are trying to meet the authorities to move the matters.

3.      You would be happy to know that we have set up a web site by the name and a blog by the name VOICE OF VETERANS at for you to get information about what is happening. Please open it regularly and find out the latest news. Col YM Aggarwal Gen Secy (Media) will be operating these.

4.      Our Governing Council Elections were held on 21 Nov 2013. As per our tradition all members were elected unopposed. List of those elected has been posted on our blog and can be seen.

5.      We will be having our Governing Council Meeting at the Community Hall Netaji Nagar New Delhi at 1100 hrs on 21 Aug 2014.. You are requested to come in large numbers and attend the meeting and give your valuable suggestions. The Agenda for the meeting is as follows:-
  • Review of the situation and work out our plan of action.
  • Future Programs.
  • Accounts.
  • Any other point with the permission of the Chairman.


6.       In addition the Meeting of Board of Directors of the Sarva Bharat Ex-servicemen Cooperative Society Ltd.(AIEWA) will also be held. The Agenda will be :-
  • Decision regarding continuing the Society.
  • Accounts.
  • Approval of Board of Director about Membership.
  • Any other point with the permission of the Chairman.

7. Look forward to seeing you for the Meeting.

Yours sincerely,

Lt Col Inderjit Singh (Retd)

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