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This is an incredible story of a self-taught Ayurved in Chhindwara, Madhya Pradesh, a dusty town in the Bastar Region, about 3 hours by taxi from Nagpur Airport. His name is Shri Navin Duggad and until about 3 years ago, this remarkable man was a jeweller and diamond merchant by trade. By his own admission, he and his 4 brothers together are considered to be the largest diamond merchant in Central Madhya Pradesh.
Shri Duggad's transformation to an Ayurved happened about 3 years ago when his 89-year-old mother was afflicted with cancer. Shri Duggad decided that rather than subject her to the harsh treatments associated with modern medicine, he would use Ayurveda to treat her and keep her comfortable.
It is said he pored over a Hindi translation of Charak Samhita, the ancient text of Ayurveda, and came up with a regimen of diet and ayurvedic preparations to eliminate his mother's cancer. She is still alive today. And she has motivated her son to focus only on this new gift he had developed to help the poor that suffer from various types of cancer.
For the last 3 years, Shri Duggad has treated over 9000 cancer patients with an incredible success rate of cure and remission. He has assiduously kept records of each patient he has helped, with detailed lab reports and tumour scans to show that he has beaten cancer in the vast majority of people he has treated.
Shri Duggad does not charge a penny for his service or his proprietary drugs, nor does he accept any donation. He works from 11 AM to 11 PM every day, often working well past midnight so that no patient goes away unattended.
His treatment consists of small amounts of herbal concoctions and powders (no heavy metal based bhasma) that have to be consumed over 6 days along with a strict dietary regimen. In addition, the patient has to remain in a completely darkened room (without even a chink of light, TV, cell phone or computer) for periods ranging from 15 to 28 days, depending on the nature of cancer. And he achieves a cure/remission in a matter of weeks, or a month or two, regardless of the type of cancer.
Shri Duggad says that modern medicinal practices of chemotherapy and radiation therapy are not only costly but ravages the body of the patient, creating other complications. 

While tumors may shrink and life span may increase marginally, death is painful and inevitable with modern medicine. Whereas, he argues, his approach gets to the root cause of the cancer and eliminates it in a gentle way where the body is not harmed in any manner.

In fact, Shri Duggad commented that the poor are lucky because their poverty eliminates the possibility of chemo or radiation therapy, leaving them no option but to seek out alternative therapies like what he practices. But he quickly added that he can also treat people who have undergone a great deal of chemo and radiation therapy and still save them very rapidly.

Shri Duggad is a deeply religious man. He is a Jain by faith and prays fervently each day in front of various pictures of Lord Mahaveera and the Theerthankaras before he starts his practice. He epitomizes the mysticism and inexplicability of India. And the adage "service before self".

I am a co-founder of a life sciences company focused on drug discovery. Being a person of modern science, I am normally prone to skepticism and disbelief about traditional practices. However, I have now personally met many patients under treatment as well as those who have fully recovered from cancers as diverse as prostate, liver, breast, stomach, salivary gland, eyes, throat and leukaemia. I have perused many lab reports associated with these cases and have seen irrefutable proof that Shri Duggad makes a difference. Needless to say, I am shaken and now a believer that modern science may not have all the answers . . . and there is a place for alternative therapies.

In summation, Providence led me to Shri Duggad in search of alternative treatment for my 86-year-old father who has recently been diagnosed with Hepatic Cellular Carcinoma (liver cancer). Modern medicine had thrown up its hands since he is too old to withstand even palliative treatment. By His grace, I am happy to report that my father is doing well after 4 weeks of treatment and most of his symptoms have abated. I am hopeful that his recovery will be sustained.

Because of my personal experience, I will be happy to guide anyone suffering from cancer to Shri Navin Duggad. In the final analysis, a gift I have providentially received must be passed forward, especially with a dreaded disease like cancer. Please free to contact me by email or by SMS, and I shall revert to you very shortly.
Points to Note:
Closest Airport--Nagpur.
Travel Time from Nagpur to Chhindwara by car--3 hours.
New Patient Interview Date--ONLY FRIDAYS.
What lab reports to take--CBC, LFT, KFT, Thyroid, Lipid Profile.
System of appointment--First come, first served. Be prepared to wait for 3 to 6 hours.
Language--Shri Duggad speaks ONLY HINDI. Be prepared to take a translator if you don't speak Hindi.
Buy all ayurvedic medicine raw materials that Shri Duggad suggests at the shop next his facility.
Food--Carry water and light snacks food service non-existent next to Shri Duggad's facility.

Accommodations - for overnight stay, very poor. Recommend travel back to Nagpur.
Taxi Service suggested--Shri Jitendra==+91-94229-95598.
Knows the place and can take you directly without any need to give directions. Charges Rs 3300 for round trip and 12 hours.
Please go to and key in "Navin Duggad Chhindwada" and you can see and hear this amazing person talk about his unique practice.

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