Monday, 13 April 2015


1. In order to implement the Hon’ble Supreme Court decision on rank pay in respect of officers who were in service in the ranks between Capt and Brig as on 01 Jan 1986, the veteran officers, family pensioners, dependent pensioners and non-pensioners are requested to follow the following steps for early release of payment by PCDA (O), Pune.

2. This HQ is assisting PCDA (O), Pune by providing certain details of officers whose IRLAs have been destroyed by them. As per PCDA (O), Pune, calculation work on rank pay has been completed and payment will be made to the officers once the banker's details and undertaking certificate are received by them. They have intimated that a number of officers are yet to submit their banker's details and undertaking as per format along with cancelled cheque to enable them to make payment of arrears.

3. Pensioners, family pensioners and dependant pensioners are requested to visit the website, down load the format as applicable to them, fill up the required details and forward the same directly to PCDA (O), Golibar Maidan, Pune-411001 alongwith enclosures mentioned therein.

4. Dependants who are not in receipt of pension are requested to fill up the required details and forward the same to the following address for further action :-

MP 5&6
Adjutant General’s Branch
IHQ of MoD (Army)
Wing No 3, West Block-III
RK Puram, New Delhi-110066

5. List of officers (only personal number is given) whose banker's details and undertaking certificate are required by PCDA (O) Pune :-

6. Officers may contact the tele No 011-26195669 for necessary assistance.

Revision of Pension

7. All affected officers who are eligible for re-fixation of pension due to change in rank pay for the last ten months before the date of retirement are requested to visit and forward the following details through e-mail to :-

(a) Name.
(b) Rank and IC No.
(c) Type of pension sanctioned.
(d) Date of retirement.
(e) PPO No and year.
(f) Details of Pension Disbursing Agency/Full address of bankers.
(g) BSR Code of pension paying branch.
(h) Home address.
(j) Date of death of officer.
(k) Name of family pensioner.
(l) Date of birth of family pensioner. (If applicable)
(m) Date of commencement of family pension.

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