Wednesday, 12 November 2014


Dear Friends,

As already reported, we had passed a Resolution in our Governing Council Meeting on 21 Aug requesting the Hon'ble PM to give OROP by 31 Dec, failing which we will go for more sacrifices to win him over.

To reach this Resolution to the Hon'ble PM we approached all the Members of Defence Standing Committee and many more VIPs. 

A letter has been received for help and support from Hon'ble Dr Murli Manohar Joshi. He is not only a member of Defence Committee but also Chairman of Estimates Committee of the Parliament. He has promised to apprise the PM about our communication to him. Very kind of him. We are indeed grateful. 

Some more members have contacted telephonically and sought some more information which has been provided to them. We will report that after something concrete thing comes out.

With warm regards

Lt Col Inderjit Singh



21 Oct 2014

Dear General,

Even if it is too late, I write to congratulate you for winning a glorious battle at the hustings. It is a great  achievement by any standards, but for a Veteran doing it, it is even more so.


The next thing you deserve our congratulations is for  getting nominated as Chairman of the Standing Committee of the Parliament on Defence. I must tell you that 33 years that I have been working for the veterans cause, making numerous presentations to your Committee, I have never seen so many illustrious Veterans together on the same Committee,  if that was not enough to cheer your heart up, a Veteran as Chairman of the Committee makes the day for Celebrations for " ACHHE DIN " coming at last. 

So Near and Yet So Far

Do we presume, it is going to turn out to be a   great opportunity to get our basics right or is it going to turn out to be another case of being so near and yet so far? Signs are ominous with the bureaucrats gradually taking the better of leadership slowly but surely, unless we are lucky to get your support and backing. 

OROP - Authors

The first litmus test that awaits your immediate indulgence is with regards to OROP. We were the authors of OROP, having presented to Indiraji first time ever on 22 Feb 1982. Col Sona Ram will bear me out as he accompanied me for our meeting with Sh Gujral the PM on 23 Aug 1997 when we launched an  agitational program which lasted for 107 days at the Red Fort Maidan.

OROP - Present Position

The situation that prevails now is that the MODs interpretation of OROP was rejected by the Chiefs as it was a mere sop and not OROP and the Chiefs Draft Govt Letter was shot down by the MOD due to large expense involved. The Chiefs then made a presentation to the Hon'ble RM, on 12 Jun to break the deadlock but he did not respond. After a month or so Gen VK Singh led a delegation to the RM. The RM was kind to listen to them patiently without responding. When the meeting ended, he as a parting shot told the Veterans to " lower down their expectations." This in other words means that we are not going to get true OROP. 


Hearing this awful news the members of Association in their Governing Council Meeting on   21 Aug passed the attached Resolution for sending it to the Hon'ble PM. We have since sent this to  our respected PM.
In this Resolution we have appealed to the PM to kindly fulfil  his promise of giving us OROP by  31 Dec, failing which we shall presume that he is not satisfied with the sacrifices we have made for the Nation already and he wants more. To fulfil his desire and win him over we shall make some more to satisfy him.

Your Help and Support

Although we have sent this Resolution to the Hon'ble PM on 22 Aug, we do not believe that it would ever be allowed by the vested interests to ever get to him. We seek your help and assistance to bring this matter to his notice. We are sure that once he comes to know that he is being let down he would come down heavily on these elements and fulfil his promise. 

What is required is the immediate acceptance of Chiefs Draft Government Letter with some slight modifications. Can the Veterans depend upon you? We will look forward to hearing from you.
Yours Sincerely

Lt Col Inderjit Singh

The Hon'ble
Maj Gen BC Khanduri
Standing  Committee of the Parliament
on Defence
Parliament Hose
New Delhi 

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