Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Update on NFU & Other anomalies

Monday, 17 November 2014

Aerial View  

This may set at rest all speculation on why NFU is still hanging.
Received 72 pages of information (32 pages of notings and 40 pages of correspondence).
Skimmed through to find out if any Chief - COAS, CNS or CAS - did not want NFU for any of the myriad reasons.
Notings indicate that, 
(a) While proposals on pension related issues were forwarded to the Cabinet and approved on 24 Sep 12 (strikes a bell??), proposals in respect of serving Defence personnel were not submitted by MoD (Def Secy) till 14 Jun 13.
(b) MoD and Deptt of Exp, MoF acted on the directions on Cabinet Sectt and PMO to refer pay related issues of serving Defence Forces personnel to the next Pay Commission as far back as 16 Jul 13.
Therefore the following have been sent to 7th CPC on 25 Aug 14: -
1. Common pay scales for in-service JCOs/ORs.

2. Initial pay fixation of Lt Cols/Cols/Brig and equivalents.

3. Review and enhancement of Grade Pay.

4. Placing of all Lt Gens in HAG+ scale, and

5. Grant of Non-Functional upgradation (NFU) to Armed Forces personnel.

P.S: The 72 pages are being typed, will be proof-read and placed on this blog (hopefully!) by 20 Nov 14.

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