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Process of getting digital life certificate issued for Pensioners at

Date: Tue, 18 Nov 2014 16:01:58 +0530
Subject: Process of getting digital life certificate issued for Pensioners at

Provisions regarding payment of pension to defence pensioner/family pensioners on the basis of Life Certificates: Life Certificate issued online by a Government Agency as a result of Aadhaar Biometric Authentication will also be accepted as a valid certificate: PCDA (P) Circular:-

Important Circular No.176
Dated: 17.11.2014
Subject: Payments on the basis of Life Certificate
1. Provisions regarding payment of pension to defence pensioner/family pensioners on the basis of Life Certificates are provided in Defence Pension Payment Instructions 2013.

2. As per the extant procedure, pensioner who does not appear in person for one or other reasons can produce a Life Certificate as in Form No. 5 of Appendix 11 to DPPI 2013 from one of the authorities mentioned at items I to XIX of para 69 of ibid Instructions during the month of November every year. Similar provisions are available in Scheme for payment of pensions of Defence Pensioners by Public Sector Banks. This causes hardship particularly to those who are aged and/or infirm Pensioners. Besides, the existing system is prone to misuse by way of fraudulent withdrawls causing loss to the exchequer.

3. To overcome above causes /situation, the Department of Electronics & IT, Ministry of Communications & IT, Government of India has developed "Jeevan Pramaan Digital Life Certificate" Portal (

4. In view of the above, it has been decided that with immediate effect a Life Certificate issued online by a Government Agency as a result of Aadhaar Biometric Authentication will also be accepted as a valid certificate. This document may be accessed through a website ( to be notified separately) by the Pension Disbursing Agency without insisting either on personal appearance of the pensioner or Life Certificate by the competent authority referred above.

No. AT/Tech/ 30/XVI
Dated: 17.11.2014


Process of getting digital life certificate issued for Pensioners at

Step 1 : Pensioner needs to have In Aadhaar number for getting digital Life certificate issued.

Step 2 : Pensioner needs to enrol and biometrically authenticate himself/herself using one of the following methods:-

a) Download application prepared for generating digital life Certificate from on any Android Tabiet/Smartphone or Windows PC. Procure a low cost finger print scanner/iris scanner from the market and plug it on USB port of the Tablet/Smartphone/Pc. Using the above application, Pensioner will be able to enrol and bio-metrically authenticate in real time from the comfort of their homes by giving his/her Aadhaar number and other details their pension bank account.

b) Pensioner can visit a nearby CSC center, Bank Branch or any Government office whose details are provided under 'locate center" on and bio-metrically authenticate in real time by giving his/her Aadhaar number and other pension details related to their pension bank account.

c) If the pensioner is already enrolled on the system, next time he gives his Aadhaar number, he would only be required to authenticate his bio-metric for updating date of his digital life certificate.

Step 3 : After successful submission of digital life Certificate pensioner will be sent a SMS on his/her mobile giving the transaction id. Pensioner will be able to download computer generated life certificate from using this transaction id tor their records.

Step 4: Bank Branch can be informed about submission of your digital life certificate in one of the following ways:-

a) Bank can login on and can search manually for Pensioner's life certificate either by giving Aadhaat number, Bank Account number or Transaction id.

b) Core Banking Systems of Banks will be able to automatically download life certificate details from the digital life registration repository and update life status in Pensioners bank account.

c) Pensioner's digital life certificate can be sent to respective branch of the Bank by sending an email or forwarding the link through SMS to download life certificate from the website.

Reminders through sms will be sent to the pensioners enrolled on for timely submission of their digital life certificates.

Jeevan Pramaan is a biometric enabled digital service for pensioners. Pensioners of Central Government, State Government or any other Government organization can take benefit of this facility.

More than 1 Crore families in India can be classified as pensioner families, where the pension disbursed by the various government bodies forms the basis for their income and sustainability. There are about 50 lakhs pensioners of the Central Government and a similar number of the various State and UT Governments and various other governmental agencies. This includes pensioners from the various public sector enterprises. In addition to this Army and Defence Personals drawing pension exceeds 25 lakhs.

One of the major requisite for the pensioners post their retirement from the service, is to provide life certificates to the authorized pension disbursing agencies like the bank, following which their pension is credited to their account.  In order to get this life certificates the individual drawing the pension is required to either personally present himself/ herself before the Pension Disbursing Agency or have the Life Certificate issued by authority where they have served earlier and have it delivered to the disbursing agency.

This very requirement of personally being present in front of disbursing agency or getting a life certificate often becomes a major hurdle in the process of seamless transfer of pension amount to the pensioner. It has been noted that it causes a lot of hardship and unnecessary inconvenience particularly for the aged and infirm pensioners who cannot always be in a position to present them in front of the particular authority to secure their life certificate. In addition to this a lot of government employees post their retirement choose to move to different location either to be with their family or other reasons, hence causing a huge logistical issue when it comes to accessing their rightful pension amount.

Digital life Certificate for Pensioners scheme of the Government of India known as Jeevan Pramaan seeks to address this very problem by digitizing the whole process of securing the life certificate. It aims to streamline the process of getting this certificate and making it hassle free and much easier for the pensioners. With this initiative the pensioners requirement to physically present himself/herself in front of disbursing agency or the certification authority will become a thing of the past benefiting the pensioners in a huge way and cutting down on unnecessary logistical hurdles.

How it Works

Jeevan Pramaan uses the Aadhaar platform for biometric authentication of the pensioner.

A successful authentication generates the Digital Life Certificate which gets stored in the Life Certificate Repository. The Pension Disbursing Agencies can access the certificate on-line.

  • Enrol Yourself. Download the PC/ Mobile application or alternatively visit the nearest Jeevan Pramaan Centre to get your self registered. Provide necessary information like Aadhaar number, Pension Payment Order No., Bank Account No., Bank Name and your Mobile number. 
  • Aadhaar Authentication. Provide your biometrics, either a finger print or Iris and authenticate your self. (Jeevan Pramaan uses the Aadhaar Platform for on-line biometric authentication ) 
  • Life Certificate. After a successful authentication a SMS acknowledgement is sent to your mobile number including your Jeevan Pramaan Certificate ID. The certificates are stored in the Life Certificate Repository for making it available any time and any where for the pensioner and the Pension Disbursing Agency. 
  • Access your Certificate. You can download a PDF copy of the certificate from the Jeevan Pramaan website by providing the Jeevan Pramaan ID or Aadhaar number. 
  • Pension Disbursing Agency. The Pension Disbursing Agency can access the Life Certificate from the Jeevan Pramaan website, and download the same. 
  • Electronic Delivery. The Life Certificates can also be electronically delivered to the Pension Disbursing Agency, without any manual intervention. (Pension Disbursing Agency can get in touch with our team, to enable the e-delivery facility ) 
Get a Certificate
Getting a digital Life certificate is hassle free and can be obtained through various Jeevan Pramaan Centres which are being operated by CSCs, Banks, and Government offices or by using the client application on any PC/mobile/tablet.

Download the PC / Mobile / Tablet application or visit the CSC on-line application to register for a Life Certificate.
  • PC Windows 7 OS 32 & 64 bit.
  • Mobile Android 4.0 and above
  • CSC On-line CSC on-line Web application.
  • Offices Central & State Government Offices
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