Sunday, 2 November 2014

PMO Sends RTI Request to O/o Defence Secretary and........

The letter to the Prime Minister dated 6th June 14, as stated in the reply to my RTI Request No. PMOIN/R/2014/60940 was reportedly sent on 17 Jul 14 to the Defence Secretary for necessary action.

My first appeal PMOIN/A/2014/60177 to the PMO was replied to and included (in my opinion) an admonishment, referring to a ruling by the Central Information Commission, inter alia, that once a request is transferred, the CPIO to whom it is transferred is responsible to provide the information.

Reply dated 28 Oct 14 from MoD to request vide MODEF/R/2014/61707 has been received stating that the reference by PMO to Def Secy has not been received by the Office of the Def Secy and neither does the Central Registry of the Ministry have any record of having received such a reference from PMO!!!!!!!!!!!

Brig Vijay Raheja (Retd)     

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