Sunday, 2 November 2014

Petition to the Hon'ble Prime Minister by Brig Vijay Raheja (Retd)

Saturday, 1 November 2014

He keeps vigil at the borders 24x7.

He is there to provide succour during Disasters and Natural Calamities.

He is there to ensure that you live and lead peaceful lives and ply your occupation, even by unquestioningly sacrificing his life, if required. And yet when there are repeated promises to be honoured, he is forgotten.

In case you feel for and support the Soldier, Sailor and Airman, please sign the petition at

I request every Indian citizen, Person of Indian Origin in India or around the world join hands in spreading the word and the awareness through every relative by email, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter so that the movement for fulfilling the repeated promises made to the Soldier, Sailor and Airman is expedited instead of being postponed or delayed by lack of an executive decision.

Bharat Mata ki Jai

Veer Jawan ki Jai

Brig Vijay Raheja (Retd)

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  1. Veer Jawan Ki Jai nahin hai Brig saab. To hell with the Bl***y jawan is what the politicians & the civilian bureaucracy think in times of peace. The politicians remember us once in 5 years atleast & then forget. The bureaucracy has no such problems.. So they are never bothered abt us. This being the reality, it is time we veterans should think abt some drastic measures, instead of prayer and petition.