Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Status of Various Matters Concerning Veterans

Latest position on various pending cases of Pensions of Pre-2006 Veterans.Unless some form of Govt notification is received, one has to take the progress in these cases as hopes in good faith. Only salient point is PM has scheduled a meeting with RM on 4 July on Veterans issues.

Number of queries are raised by veterans on pending matters - based on happenings and informal inputs that one keep getting from good friends, have prepared a brief which may be interest. Words have been chosen carefully so please go thru every word, before you come to any conclusion. Please note that the actual proof of the pudding is in eating - till we see orders in black & white everything is conjecturing. Needless, to say that as and when relevant orders are out, will be available for any help that can possibly give.

Progress on pending matters related to veterans are covered in succeeding paragraphs.

OROP. Meeting with Def Min was held on 12 June, wherein CGDA had been directed to convene meetings with Def HQ and come up with the financial outlay. It is informally learnt that some discussions have been held. It is understood that next meeting with Def Min is on 30 June with meeting with PM on 4 Jul.
Rank Pay Case. Contempt case is likely to be heard after SC opens after vacation. Basically they were six issues out of which four are not likely to be contested by Govt as per advice received from AG – significant out of these are that rank pay to be paid for 5th PC and 6th salaries adjusted accordingly. Two points which are to be contested during contempt hearing are salary at entry level and raising the slab to cater for rank pay deducted earlier and ordered to be paid. 
Arrears from 1 Jan 2006 till 23 Sep 2012 for Pre 2006 Retirees. Govt orders are awaited. This is to be followed by PCDA (Pensions) Circular so that PDAs (banks) can pay. As and when orders are issued maximum likely amount, less interest, for each rank, depending on qualifying service, is as under:

Maj Gen
Lt Col
Family Pension

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